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Celebration Lager


Pre-order now for release on the 13th December!

for There is no doubt we are known for pushing the envelope beer wise. I mean, how many breweries would think to try and replicate flavours like Golden Gaytime ice-cream or Frosty Fruit ice block in a beer. For us its part of the fun to be able to mess with people’s heads and memories to create something unique, interesting, and fun. Sometimes though it feels like we get a bit typecast. Although they have the skillset to make the crazy, like any brewers we’ve met our team do love their classics. From dank IPAs and beautiful to nuanced lagers.

This is where our celebration lager comes in.

We set the brewers the challenge to make a truly great lager that pays respect to its roots. They were given the space and time to create something where we know no shortcut was taken and everything was in place to create beer worthy of a place at the Christmas table. The result is our celebration lager, a Festbier designed to pair as well with the classic roasts, the seafood platters and everything in between. We used traditional ingredients but celebrated the innovation and improvement that years of modern development our raw materials have benefited from.

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