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Big Twist Hard Beverages

What’s life without a twist? Like when quick catch-ups turn into unexpected lunches or ‘I’ll stay for one’ becomes an epic night with friends.

Big Twist is Big Shed’s hard beverage range that brings real flavours with a twist, not too sweet, just crafted, authentic and ready to be enjoyed. It’s what Big Twist is all about.

Hard Lemonade

A brewed beverage made from real lemons. 4.5% ABV.

Soft yellow in colour with a light haze. Juicy and vibrant lemon with a crisp acidity and balanced sweetness. Subtle fermentation character provides some complexity and mouthfeel that makes this beverage enjoyable and sessionable. Medium carbonation.

Raspberry Lemonade

A brewed beverage made from real lemons and real raspberries. 4.5% ABV.

Bright pink in colour with a slight haze. Refreshing lemon, juicy and fragrant raspberry. Tart acidity combined with a luscious sweet body makes for a really enjoyable drink for any occasion.

Ginger Beer

A brewed beverage made from real ginger. 4.5% ABV.

Soft yellow with a light brown tinge and slightly hazy. Strong and vibrant ginger with a slight heat that is balanced beautifully with a sweet and juicy body. Fermentation character builds on the palate and provides complexity and a rounded mouthfeel with a fresh ginger kick on the finish.

Orange & Passionfruit

A brewed beverage made from real oranges and passionfruit. 4.5% ABV.

Light orange in colour with a slight haze. Fragrant orange and floral passionfruit aromas. Orange sweetness with a punch of passionfruit. Slightly tart acidity with big sweet and juicy orange that fills your palate with the taste of summer.

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