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Imperial Stout




Vital Stats: ABV: 9.5% IBU: 60 
Malts: American Ale, Dark Crystal, Dark Chocolate, Roast Wheat, Roast Barley, Malted Oats.
Hops: East Kent Golding
Yeast: US-05
Appearance: Opaque, very dark brown to black with a deep tan head.
Aroma and Flavour: Rich, roasty dark malt aroma and flavour with hints of treacle, dark cocoa and baked pie crust. Dark chocolate, raisins, and a light nuttiness on the palate.
Mouthfeel: Full bodied with a smooth warmth. A bittersweet finish with lingering roastiness.
Pair it with: American-style BBQ, smoked meats, oysters, brownies

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Single CAN, 4-Pack CAN, 8-Pack CAN


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